al Sweeney, the next Alcatraz prisoner to mysteriously reappear, resumes his MO of robbing banks, where he seduced a female teller clerk, limiting himself to the private boxes, not the safe, and returning with his loot to one client. Alas he is now more violent, once being surprised, next at a home. He's caught by helping him escape before a SWAT attack after his last robbery is detected. In 1960, Cal ran the prison's semi-condoned black market, training junior cell neighbor Harlan Simmons to become his deputy. After deputy warden E.B. Tiller confiscated the empty metal box Sweeney treasures above all, Harlan assists his plan to make a deal during the fancy birthday party the warden hosts for Tiller's anniversary, but that ends in bloody disappointment. Hauser and his back-room team care only for the key Sweeney stole.

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