hen a routine flight to Sibbeston Lake turns into a shootout at the O.K. Corral, Bobby and Mel realize someone is trying to kill their lone passenger, a soft-spoken gentlemen from West Virginia. But who? As the community's nurse, Rita, works on the passenger's wounds, Bobby begins to put the pieces together. Turns out, the shooter is someone they know. And his reason will shock everyone - especially Mel. At Arctic Air, Loreen receives a special package in the mail - the bones of her great-great-grandfather that have been gathering dust in a Winnipeg museum. But before Loreen can arrange a traditional burial, her auntie arrives with her own plans for the bones - a Christian burial... in a church. As their disagreement escalates, the police arrive at the request of the museum. But the bones have mysteriously disappeared, leaving Loreen and her auntie pointing fingers at each other.

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