o one has seen Caitlin since her heated argument with Loreen the night before. Bobby tries to convince Loreen not to worry -- but a rough-looking biker strolls into the office and nonchalantly drops a video on the dispatch desk. Loreen plays the video - it's Caitlin. She's been kidnapped and the bikers are going to kill her if they don't get Nelson. Bobby and Mel are forced to confess the truth to Loreen and Krista, who both thought Nelson was dead. Mel and a seething Krista fly to see Nelson. Bobby and Tommy meet with the bikers to negotiate Caitlin's release, but instead they take a beating. The bikers demand they fly to the remote community of Ts'inada and deliver Nelson. With the clock ticking, Bobby, Krista, Mel and Tommy must find a way to rescue Caitlin without getting Nelson killed. Meanwhile, Dev, Blake and Astrid transport a VIP named Boris from Yellowknife to Portland, Oregon. But Boris isn't an ordinary VIP -- he's a dog who just inherited $10 million dollars. Dev takes Boris for a walk - but before he knows it, Boris has run away and Dev, Astrid, and Blake must find the millionaire dog. In the course of the adventure, Blake gives Dev some hard-earned love advice and Astrid and Dev's relationship comes to a crisis point.

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