ormer rock goddess Delilah Fury is about to embark on the northern leg of her comeback tour - and Arctic Air scores the contract to fly her. But Delilah isn't the performer she used to be - she can barely finish a show without vomiting on stage, if she bothers to show up at all. And she refuses to fly with any pilot other than Bobby Martin, with whom she had a fling in Vancouver, years ago. Concert promoter Bruce Ward sends Kimbo Comstock to manage Delilah, but the diva's antics only serve to enrage the already volatile Kimbo. When Bobby intervenes to save Delilah from Kimbo, he makes a very dangerous enemy. Meanwhile, with Bobby forced to play chauffeur on the rock tour, Krista is left to look after Bobby's son, Connor. Turns out, Connor has run into some trouble of his own - bullies. And that's when Mel steps in to teach the kid how to settle a score.

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