enny is seconded to the London Hospital's maternity ward, where her first patient, Faye Rawle, is overly anxious and demanding following a miscarriage and Jenny breaks the rules to reassure her before returning to the East End. Sister Julienne is alarmed by new mother Pamela Saint's obsession with cleaning, which is slowly turning to paranoia. This leads to the nun having to save mother and baby when Pamela wants to cleanse them both in the river and to psychiatric admission. Meanwhile Chummy and Peter host her aloof mother, who has left her husband after discovering his infidelity. She is not a grateful guest but, as she is about to leave, collapses and it is revealed that she has cancer. Whilst Trixie continues to date Tom Dr Turner learns that his inability to mention his brief mental break-down in the war could jeopardize the adoption bid.

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