onya continues expanding Liber8's business dealings with the Coalition Kings biker gang who carried out the mayors killing. Travis however has his own plans not only to end Sonya's control but to unify all the different criminal gangs in the process. A shooting at the airport where four Coalition Kings are killed by a single gunman leads Kiera to believe that Travis has gone to war with Sonya and her associates. After getting into a car accident, Alec gets a ride home from Kiera. The driver had taken a drug called flash, but Kiera tells him it shouldn't be available for another 10 years. She suspects Liber8 may be behind its early appearance and recalls the effect the drug had on her younger sister Hannah. Matthew denies any involvement in producing the drug. He tells her about his business alliance with Alec. Jason, the man from the future Kiera had met earlier, is looking for her. He says that freelancers - itinerant time travelers who protect the time line from abuse - have arrived. Julian is still in prison and his mother tells him of a conspiracy among drug manufacturers. After a good deal of bloodshed, Sonya re-examines her tactics and has a change of heart

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