eturning in the Barnes private jet from his Vegas wedding with Pamela, John Ross discovers from the flight records that Cliff was at the Mexican resort where JR was killed that very evening, as a witness confirms. Christopher follows leads to his mother, finds her former surgeon, Dr. David Gordon, in Zürich and seeks consolation with Elena when told Pamela senior refuses any contact with her 'old life'. Christopher however rejects Elena when he finds out she shared Drew's blackmailed bomb maker secret. Drew manages to find and trap Roy, who is arrested fro Rland's drug scam, yet refuses to return or turn himself in. After Bum tracks down ken Richards, Sue Ellen turns the governor's blackmail cover-up on them to demand undoing Ewing Oil's expropriation under eminent domain. Emma returns to Harris to escape residential rehab, but is caught snooping in his desk.

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