hristopher's annulment is denied when Tommy's sister retracts in court her statement that Pamela kept up the pretense to be just Rebecca, not Barnes's daughter, so a bitter custody fight is to follow. Pamela pays her to disappear, but Christopher gets a recording which he can use against her and Tommy and proof that Pamela meant to screw them all. After Elena strikes a brilliant offshore deal, John Ross proposes to reward her with an equal share, beyond what Bobby and Christopher planned, the secret agenda being her existing debts make all her assets vulnerable for him and JR to snap up. John Ross, who sabotaged Christopher's case, concludes a deal with bed benefits: most of Barnes' Ewing Oil shares for all methane interest. JR blackmails the DA to spare Sue Ellen a jail conviction. A Frisian race horse sets Bobby on the track of the truth: Harlan and his wife née Brown raised his and Abe's daughter as Emma Brown, but she believes her mother was abusive. Frank Ashkani won't accept heiress Pamela overruling all Barnes plans, notably a huge casino project, to concentrate on energy again.

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