aving seized Elena's shares, Sue Ellen and John Ross enter the board, planning to make him CEO, but that requires Pamela's now deciding vote. Bad looser Bobby consorts with looser brother Gary to suspend Ewing oil's mineral rights until Elena's shares are restored, which Joshn Ross refuses. Barnes hesitates, but agrees to join Christopher's side if he wins a car race to prove his methane's future and presumably win a major city contract. JR's detective helps John Ross arrange sabotage trough a pits hand with gambling debts, but Christopher catches on. JR, on business trip to Abu Dhabi, promises to solve everything with a 'masterpiece plan'. Bobby discovers hat his father really 'smelled' oil, which can be drilled with modern technology. The Ryland plan to return Emma to England ends in a fight between Harris and Judith, while the girl, who finds Anne a good riding teacher, seeks rescue on Southfork.

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