ars Holm,head of KPEC,a firm out to prevent Turner's acquisition of the dam,is murdered,along with his wife,by an assassin sent by Turner. At Byzantium the word gets out that there is a mole but Keel tells the staff they are acting on behalf of a client in a bidding war with Turner. Sam accompanies the Turners to a country mansion where the bids will take place. Here she meets Bernard Faroux,with whom she had a liaison in Tangiers and agrees to tell her who betrayed her if she can get him Turner's memory stick so that he can outbid him for the dam. In the event Turner wins the bid and Sam kills Faroux after he has tried to kill her. His dying word is 'Hour-glass'. At the same time new Byzantium operative Ian gets friendly with Ryder whilst 'Hour-glass' is seen to be printed on a file in the office where Natalie, Aidan's MI6 contact,who has been sleeping with him for information,works.

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