eel offers Natalie a job in exchange for naming the mole but she refuses whilst Aidan,whom Keel and Deacon Crane suspect of being the traitor,finds the link between Natalie's boss Ballard and the name Hour-glass which he used as a spy. Sam shadows Jack Carter and his accomplice Lewis Conroy and sees Turner kill Vincent Cage,an economics professor threatening to go to the police rather than help him criminally secure the money for his bid. Though suspected by Turner Sam dates Conroy and finds that Turner was planning to use a group called Kismet, who make sabotage look like natural accidents,to help him acquire the dam. Ian continues to gain Ryder's confidence running his drugs scam and agrees to plant an explosives device at the Aldwych - informing Byzantium who will test Aidan by making him disable it. Whilst Aidan rushes to the Aldwych Sam is attacked by the blank-faced assassin who killed Goebel.

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