idan survives the explosion but is accused of being the mole and goes on the run,asking Natalie,in vain,for information on Hour-Glass. Sam wakes in hospital to find that,rather than seek her death,the blank-faced man has put her there to warn her that she is in danger and explains that he had to assume Goebel's identity to get close to Turner. Giving Stephen a cover story Sam discharges herself and confronts Aidan. He tells her that he was blackmailed by Natalie to spy for her - she would otherwise expose his true identity.They meet Ballard and ask for information on Hour-Glass but a sniper kills Ballard. However they learn that Hector Stokes,part of the group building the dam,is a member of Hour-Glass and go to see him . They are shadowed and kill their pursuers but Aidan is recaptured by Byzantium and tells them that Hasan was the traitor.Following the blast Turner gets the money for his bid but Turner is still looking for the woman who saw him kill Cage and Keel lays a trail leading him to suspect Conroy's married lover Trudy. Ryder introduces Ian to Turner as a useful gang member. On television they see Fatima Zahir,a leading Pakistani politician, speak out against the sale of the dam.

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