s Keel goes to see his doctor about his terminal illness Stephen hears that Lewis and his secretary,the innocents Keel had implied to Turner were the witnesses to Cage's murder, have committed suicide but he is not convinced and tells Everett,the inspector in charge. Slowly he begins to see that his father has blood on his hands and will stop at nothing to get the dam. Sam has slept with Stephen and,in his room,discovers a document from the Polyhedrus corporation,who built the dam and whose directors include Dr Goebel and Dr Hill,whom she rescued from Faroux in Morocco. She goes to see Hill but he claims no knowledge of Hour-glass or a conspiracy. Fatima Zahir arrives in London for a fund raising rally to keep the dam in Pakistani hands.Ian suspects Turner plans to have her assassinated and races to a flat from where he believes the sniper will strike,only to find that he has been set up when the sniper kills Dr Hill,who has acted as whistle-blower to Fatima as he goes to meet her. Everett tells Stephen that Sam is not the children's nanny she claims to be and is somebody else entirely.

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