am breaks into Stokes' house and finds a Top Secret file on her as well as a document relating to the death of her mother Katherine,killed when Sam was a child. Aidan believes that back then Sam saw something which has made her a mark to be killed.Ian tracks Turner to a meeting with Pakistani minister Soomro,who wanted Fatima dead and who tells Turner the dam is to be sold to the Chinese. Turner however tells him that he will expose Polyhedrus's shameful secret unless he gets the bid. Sam learns the secret - Polyhedrus massacred six hundred Pakistani villagers to clear the site for the dam,making it look like an accident and Hill and Goebel were killed as they were about to expose the fact. It seems that Byzantium's client is Stokes,who instructs Keel to have Turner murdered. Natalie believes the file on Sam was given to Stokes by government minister Gillespie and warns her,also giving her a key that will lead to Aidan's real identity. Stephen meanwhile is assuaged by Sam's assurances and anxious to build a case against his father for his involvement in murder. However Turner informs him that Sam is a spy and they must tolerate her until her motive for being in their house is made clear.

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