lice and writer Will Franklyn find themselves pursued by antique dealer Marie Cecile,leader of a secret society indulging in criminal activities,and her assassin ally Paul,both of whom want the books for their own ends. In 1209 the Cathars are overcome and Trencavel is killed along with several others. Oriane,planning to hand the books over to D'Evreaux,offers to marry him but Alais manages to escape and eventually locates holy man Hariff to learn more about the books before being forced to flee again. In the present Audric,an historian writing about the Cathars, produces the ring that everybody is after and tells Alice that she is a descendant of Alais. He also explains that the Holy Grail,far from being the Christian relic and goblet generally assumed,has the power to prolong life for hundreds of years. They go to the caves with the ring and a showdown which ties up all the loose ends.

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