athan is approached by the tattooed,denim-clad Jamie,who claims to be his half-brother,conceived out of wedlock. He has recently found out and,to punish their no-good father Mike,has him tied up in the boot of his car. After the boys retrieve the car which gets stolen and rescue their dad Jamie and the misfits go to a club where pill-popping seems to reverse their powers and Curtis has a vision of a girl falling from a high roof. The mysterious hoodie reappears and Simon trails him to a flat block but when he and the others break in they find the girl who featured in Curtis's vision. Jamie has sex in a car with a girl whose super power is to turn things to ice but as a result of the reversal she causes herself and Jamie to combust and Nathan learns that his brother is dead. He can,however,still see him as if he were alive due to the change in his power.

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