fter Rudy 2 goes missing the others encounter a befuddled old man who, from his tattoos, is clearly a geriatric version of the clone. Seeking answers to how he got that way the original Rudy, accompanied by Finn, goes to the support group but gets little help. Then Rudy discovers a young man threatening the elderly fellow and calling him Mr Johnson before trying to kill him. The youngster was originally an old chap called Mr Johnson and, following the storm, he received the power to swap ages with people - in this case Rudy 2 - so he can marry his young nurse. Rudy forces him to redress the balance and restore his clone before getting closer to Jess.Meanwhile Alex is reluctant to use his power on Stuart, whose unfortunate talent is to end up literally in the closet when he denies that he is gay, but he does give him good advice.

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