iam is all set to take the family on their annual summer holiday - to Donegal in the old camper van. However the others - particularly Martin - are not enthusiastic as it is World Cup 1990 and Ireland are playing Romania. Liam gets his way and the Moones, plus Fidelma's boyfriend Dessie and Martin's friend Padraic - with his own imaginary friend, Crunchie Danger haystacks, pile into the van and set off for Donegal. Martin is not happy and so, whilst the others in the pub, preparing to watch the match on television, and comforting Trisha over the break-up of Talking Heads, he sets off with Sean Murphy to hitch back to Boyle country to watch the money. But they have very little luck until they see a house sporting football colours, though they are in for a surprise. Hopefully the others will realize that Martin, with or without Sean Murphy, is missing.

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