truggling to cope with their baby daughter Laura and Jamie are dreading the christening. So are Sandra and Keith,who are paying for it,and Janet,who feels it will shame the family. Michael is due to be godfather,getting stick from Beth about his religious responsibilities. Sandra's loud sister arrives with her handsome trainee priest son Conall,as does Janet's domineering father,with his girls. All offer unwanted childcare advice. Laura and Jamie take the baby to discuss baptism with the local priest but are put off by a couple of religious maniacs whilst Michael,trying to become more Christian,allows his new-found fervour to lose him a sexual encounter. Keith starts work under Jamie at the toy shop but gets sacked after a day though Janet goes behind Alan's back to steal his job. On the eve of the christening Laura and Jamie take their friends to a medieval banquet and fall out over the baby's name. Come the big day Laura fails to show at the church but Jamie persuades her to stand proud in front of their relatives - whom he soundly tells off before he and Laura make an exit with their baby - Emily.

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