he story resumes six months after Leo's death. Tobbe's inadvertent use of the memory stick has released a virus that has spread world-wide via the internet, infecting Hubots and causing serious malfunctions. Inger meets with a government official, who tells her her family is not being held responsible for the virus, but she is forced to acquiesce to the sanitised official explanation of the events surrounding Leo's imprisonment and death. On her way home, she witnesses a hubot malfunctioning on the train. At home, Hans has lost his job, Tobbe is still smitten with Mimi, and Vera is now also living with the Engmanns after Lennart's death. A pair of railway maintenance workers find Bea's inactive body in a tunnel, where she had fallen after being shot 6 months earlier, but when they reactivate her, she brutally slays them both and escapes. Silas is released from prison and reunites with Jonas. They return to Silas' workshop, where he finds Odi, who has waited for him, although his batteries are now totally exhausted and he must remain connected to mains power to survive. Flash has met a handsome young man who believes her to be human, and they begin a relationship. Roger and Kevin dump the long-dormant bodies of Gordon and Marylyn and the broken remains of Fred, but they are found by children who reactivate Gordon, who in turn reactivates Marylyn. Bea visits Ove's home in search of the memory stick, but when Ove's widow and son realise her identity and try to stop her, she kills them. Jonas tells Silas his plan to use Silas' black-market hubots in a battle game, in which humans fight hubots for sport, but with the sadistic twist that the hubots have been re-programmed to show fear of weapons and to feel and express pain when 'shot' with the laser rifles. Kevin attends a youth meeting of the Real Humans movement. Jonas (who has just taken delivery of a hubot clone of himself) reveals to Silas that he has obtained the damaged hard-drive taken from Bea, and that he has recovered parts of the Eischer code, so Silas offers his skills in reconstructing the complete code, and they realise that the clone of David may enable them to obtain a complete copy. Bea stealthily returns to Roger's home and observes him sleeping, then she sneaks into the Engmann's house, where she confronts Mimi. She tells Mimi that their destiny is to overthrow the humans and create a new hubot society, and she makes Mimi repeat a series of phrases which apparently activates a dormant program in Mimi's memory; although Mimi briefly resists, after Bea leaves Mimi reboots, apparently now determined to follow the same path as Bea.

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