ith the situation regarding Iran still on a knife edge Tom learns that PetroFex are considering a move to Poland. He has their assets frozen at the Royal Caledonian bank,in the process falling fall of the bank's chairman Michael Rix,who counters by having the bank refuse to sanction Oyster card payments on public transport,causing huge chaos at the rush hour. Tom responds by having the government take over the bank with assurances from the Indian government as back-up. Agnes sends Tony documents,warning him that his flat is bugged,as well as a photograph of Iranian Sami Sharour. He was head of research at PetroFex and was on the fatal flight,though not on the manifest. Tony finds evidence of how the bomb was taken onto the plane but is attacked and left for dead by an intruder before he can tell the prime minister. Ellis has a meeting with Paul Clark,as a result of which she discovers that,when serving as an army officer in Bosnia twenty years earlier,Tom was party to a cover-up of the massacre of civilians.

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