n the lead up to tonight's first preview of three in a row in Boston, many things going on behind the scenes are preoccupying the minds of the cast and creative team. Julia has returned from her hiatus, but is not talking to Tom, who she believes should have stuck up for her in demanding that Michael not return to the show. Frank and Leo accompany her for support, and to ensure that Michael, who Julia avoids at all cost, does not move in on Julia himself. While Derek told Ivy only three days earlier that he loves her and she now learns that he is sleeping with Rebecca, Ivy looks to another man for emotional support through sex, that man being Dev. Karen is in emotional limbo herself after telling Dev that she can't marry him right now, and in turn he not returning her several messages. But the first preview does happen, and like most previews, the entire team has some work to do following. One major incident happens at the end of the preview which causes Eileen to fume, leads to Tom and Julia, who still aren't talking to each other, needing to rewrite the ending, and causes Rebecca to have a crisis of faith in herself. Over the next day as many of the pre-preview issues try to work themselves out, some rogue peanuts and a little bit of religion thrown in courtesy of Sam's family's church may add a little perspective to the proceedings.

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