n the lead up to showing the workshop to potential investors, things don't seem to be going well for anyone involved with the show except Karen, whose biggest issue is if her allegiances lie with the show or furthering her music career, as a big time music producer, who only has a limited time to see her, can only do so during the investor's show. Eileen is having problems with the building manager and getting the boiler repaired in time for the show as the building is like a furnace. Eileen gets some help on this matter from an unexpected source, which may add a little spice to her personal life. Julia's work is suffering because of her angst over her continuing sexual relationship with Michael, and the fact that she learns that Leo knows about the affair. And Ivy, still recuperating from her vocal strain, has the additional concern about her visiting hypercritical mother, ex-Broadway star Leigh Conroy, who, in Ivy's words, sucks all the spotlight on herself like a black hole whenever she's around. Ivy is thrown for a further loop when two specific people show up for the show, one who could affect her performance and another who could jeopardize her maintaining the role of Marilyn regardless of her performance. After the show, the creative team have to make some tough decisions, some which are made more from a personal rather than professional stance.

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