t's been two days since the workshop was presented to potential investors. Since, Derek and Eileen have gone into relative hiding, not responding to any left messages. Is silence a good thing for those involved in the show? There is one person who does know his fate regarding the show. One other person has heard from the producing/directing team. Derek asks Karen to prepare and present some new music without telling anyone, but most specifically Tom and Julia, about what she's doing until it is presented. Karen is concerned about the secrecy revolving around this request. She is still equally as concerned about Dev's relationship with R.J., which grows if only because of his on-going battle for the press secretary job. Back with the show, Ellis, does whatever he can to find out what's going on. What he sees he is more than willing to divulge to those who he feels should know, but what he sees also influences what he wants to do to further his career. Although she does care that she has yet to hear back from Eileen, Julia is still preoccupied with thoughts of Michael and how to handle that situation, and Leo's impending court date regarding his marijuana possession. And Eileen's saintly daughter, Katie, comes home for a visit. Her visit is not by accident. Katie tries to add some semblance of civility to her parent's crumbling marriage, as well as some sense of what is right and wrong into Eileen's current professional life.

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