or the third time in three weeks, Jake has run away from school and climbed atop a cell phone tower, breaking the tower's security alarms at precisely 3:18 in the afternoon each time. For Child and Family Services, they, who have previously diagnosed Jake as autistic, see Jake's behavior as Martin not being able to handle Jake on his own, they who send Clea Hopkins to investigate. To perform a proper assessment, she removes Jake from the home and places him in an institution for two weeks where she can monitor him. Martin not only finds that move contemptible, but also believes that Jake is trying to tell him something, especially as the numbers Jake is scribbling seem to pop up elsewhere in their lives, as Jake makes the stray cell phones that Martin has found for him ring simultaneously, and after the lottery ticket Jake temporarily steals ends up being the multimillion dollar jackpot winning numbers. In his search to find out if Jake is just mute or if he has some other condition affecting his behavior, Martin finds Arthur Teller of the Teller Institute, he who tells Martin his theory of Jake's condition. Clea begins to believe that their autism diagnosis is incorrect when she views Jake first hand. Meanwhile, one of those cells phones which almost made it into Jake's possession makes a 'round the world trip from London to Ireland to JFK to Japan to Baghdad where it ends up making it full circle from its owner, a distraught father, to the wannabe pop singer to the enterprising prostitute to the teen who wants to help his family by buying a commercial oven for their baking business.

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