he authorities will be doing their evaluation of Jake and Martin to see if Jake should remain under state care or be returned home. Both Martin and Clea are hopeful that Jake will be able to go home as Jake's behavior is much more "normal" when his father is around. A potential obstacle is the yet unopened package sent to Martin via the facility from Abigail Kelsey, Martin's sister-in-law who once tried to get custody of Jake following Sarah's death. Martin is suspicious if only because he did not tell Abigail about Jake being taken away or about the evaluation. On the way to the evaluation meeting, Martin's laptop is stolen by a career petty thief. Martin chases the thief onto a bus, the thief who is able to escape. However, it doesn't look like Martin will make it to the evaluation meeting on time as the young woman who he sits next to on the bus clandestinely pulls a gun on him, she who will not let him go. As Martin learns of her plan, he has to decide if he should try to escape to the meeting, or if the bigger picture, based on the latest number Jake provides him which is through a "new language", is to get this woman to her true end goal, whatever that may be. Martin will ultimately learn certain parts of Jake's grand plan with this number, which includes two Saudi girls masquerading as boys as they come across a pregnant woman in distress, a Montreal based medical intern who is engaged to a woman from back home in an arranged marriage situation set-up by his parents but he who would rather get to know the woman he sees on the subway every day, and a patient in his hospital requiring a life saving bone marrow transplant. Meanwhile, Arthur tries to reconnect with his daughter because of Jake. Their estrangement was due to issues surrounding Arthur's current work, which may make her resistant to hearing him out about Jake.

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