ollowing Arthur's death, Martin and Clea review the surveillance tape of his visit with Jake. They notice some missing footage from the tape. But what they do notice on what remains of the footage takes them to the fact that Arthur gave something to Jake - a key - with the numbers 1188, which Martin surmises are the next numbers in Amelia's sequence. Martin goes on a quest to find what that key unlocks, which he believes will lead him to the dearth of Arthur's research. Although she is initially reluctant to help, Arthur's daughter Maggie provides information which takes Martin down a road which doesn't lead quite to what he was expecting, namely an underground high stakes poker game. Martin will learn that the poker game has a connection to a university math professor, with further unknown connections to the unusual bequeath in a will which isn't as easy to carry out as the beneficiary would like, and a video blog of a recently dumped girl who believes in the course of true love. Meanwhile, Martin's sister-in-law, Abigail Kelsey, makes a request to see Jake. Her request continues the antagonistic relationship between herself and Martin, which started when she first tried to get custody of Jake following Sarah's death.

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