artin is despondent over the news from Trevor that Lucy was found dead. However, he assumes that since there was no second body found that Amelia is still alive. But Jake, using the cipher and who utters his first few words ever to Martin, sends Martin on another important task: find and stop Guillermo Ortiz. As Martin and Trevor use the extended number that Jake provides to try and find Ortiz, Jake, with Avram in tow, is off on his own mission. Reconnecting with Amelia, the three are off to the airport to track down an incoming shipment from London and its associated passenger, both of who have an important connection to what they are going through. That passenger, one of the thirty-six who has an indirect connection to Martin's past, has come to Los Angeles in part to participate in a sleep study to deal with her insomnia. What she is unaware of is that the sleep study is work being conducted by Aster Corps. Already housing six of the other thirty-six, the sleep study maps the brain waves of those six while they sleep for the numerical patterns. Farington, reconnecting with Calvin, uses the fact of the sleep study to try and bring him back under her and Aster Corp's control.

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