ecause of a break-in at the house which Martin is certain was by Aster Corps thugs out to kill him so that they could abscond with Amelia and Jake, Martin, Jake and Amelia take refuge at Avram's apartment. Martin believes the fact that Detective Lang investigated both the incident at Breakwire and Guillermo Ortiz's death is a sign that he is meant to tell the detective the truth about himself, Amelia and Aster Corps. Before he takes Amelia to the police station to speak to Detective Lang, Martin gives Avram explicit instructions not to leave the apartment until they return. However, when Martin and Amelia leave, Jake urges Avram to go on their next mission, to find another of the thirty-six, a former military doctor, Dr. Robert McCormick. What Avram is initially unaware of is that Dr. McCormick is part of Aster Corps' sleep study. A problem that occurred with Dr. McCormick leads to a decision by Farington that could place his life in jeopardy, but a decision that also could help Avram and Jake find him.

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