artin finds out that Avram has not been returning his calls because he was seen to be abducted, although the news never made it to the police. Going back to where Avram was last seen, Martin runs into Dr. McCormick. Martin learns from an indirect source that Dr. McCormick is involved in a sleep study being conducted on some of the thirty-six, who believe they are being treated solely for a rare case of insomnia. Martin believes that obtaining Dr. McCormick's journal and infiltrating the so-called "sleep" clinic are keys to finding some answers, including Avram's whereabouts. As he is certain that the sleep clinic is being run by Aster Corps, Martin has to devise a plan to get in without detection. As he is unknown to Aster Corps, Trevor volunteers to infiltrate the clinic by posing as a walk-in patient. If Trevor's true purpose is discovered, it will probably mean his life. Meanwhile, Farington is up front with Calvin regarding her motivations and the need to speed up the experiments to yield results. Calvin has to decide if he will go along with her, partly based on the threat that she will turn him in for kidnapping Amelia, and partly on her veiled threat against William, or secretly go against her as her directive for Dr. Linus in the experiments is leading to the patients dying.

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