ollowing the Ortiz incident at Breakwire, Martin, Jake and Lucy either have to go on the run or go into hiding because of the detailed information that was inadvertently provided to the authorities. Through the latest number provided by Jake, they run into Calvin, who they ambush. Calvin is willing to help them as he knows that Aster Corps, most specifically his former partner Tony Rigby, was behind his mother's murder and Amelia's latest abduction probably with Kase's help. Calvin doesn't know where Amelia is beyond probably being at one of Aster Corps' many isolated facilities. Using Calvin's equipment, Jake goes on his own mission to connect with Amelia. In doing so, he accomplishes two tasks, namely putting the last piece in the puzzle for Calvin to bypass the brain injury to William Norburg so that William will be able to function again, and locating Amelia. As such, Calvin on one side, and Martin, Lucy and Jake on the other, part company to achieve their individual goals. Martin, Lucy and Jake's task will not be easy as the compound where Amelia is being held is fortified and so isolated that their approach will be seen well in advance of them being able to get there.

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