he investigation of a suspicious research lab fire has the fire marshal reluctant to say the "B" word because the suggestion would mean post 9/11 red tape interference until Carrie tells him where the detonator is she passed in the hallway. A curious box arrives at the station for Lt. Burns just before going to the fire investigation and Detective Mike Costello feels there is still a wall up between him and his son Spencer when Mike finds out Spencer changed his Facebook password. Carrie finds out that , a defense contractor company called SPI had employed Audrey Cruz, the victim of the lab fire, for a classified security side project that tested for side effects of a water purification process. Back in the police lab Tanya exams the note Audrey received the day of the fire, revealing a threat to stay away from SPI and stop harming lab rats. Meanwhile, Joanne Webster, the coroner, has been studying the death of Rachel, Carrie's sister; and suggests that Carrie let Al (Lt. Burns) in on the new information that Carrie got from Fred. Carrie will but wants to keep it quiet for a while longer.

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