arrie arrives at a murder scene not knowing it was of Walter Morgan, her nemesis who held the clues to the death of Carrie's sister Rachael. Carrie is now the prime suspect in the murder investigation of Morgan for she met twice with him, once for dinner at his house then just before he was shot to death the next day. Walter told Carrie that she would get a call from a man named Jensen, who calls Carrie at home and gets spooked because she's a cop, then she offers him $10K for his information and agrees to meet him. At this point he is either Morgan's killer or Carrie's alibi. Al tells the D.A. that the investigation is ongoing and they have no suspects, but the D.A. wants more; so they give up Carrie to try to sucker the real suspect into thinking he has won the endgame by matching wits against Carrie.

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