alph is investigating the shooting of a man. Initial investigation reveals that he's seeing a woman, and when they go to see her, he discovers that the woman is the man's wife. She tells them she fears that her hot headed brother may have had a confrontation with him. When they talk to him, he says he saw some one shoot him. Though he didn't see who killed him, he gave a description of the car the shooter drove and it matches the one the man's other wife drives. they suspect she found about his other wife but she doesn't know anything about it. In the meantime a movie is being shot in town and the cast and crew are staying at the Savoy. And the producer asks Stone to take care of the movie's leading lady. When she's goes out and speeds Dixon stops her. Stone then offers him a job keeping an eye on her. When she decides to go riding off into the desert Dixon follows her. The FBI comes to put a stop to Savino's skimming and he decides to use Jack to circumvent them.

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