hen the bodies of the Milwaukee mobsters that Savino clashed with a few weeks ago and then disappeared, turn up, Jones, the Milwaukee hit man returns to Vegas to go after the ones he thinks is responsible--Savino and his people. When he kills one of them, he also kills a woman who was there at the time. Lamb then tells Savino, he's not going to stand for it, so he asks Savino if he will help and when he refuses, Lamb posts deputies in his casino. Savino's bosses in Chicago, come to Vegas to fix what Savino did. When Jones goes to the casino to get Savino, one of the deputies spots him and is shot. Savino finally tells Lamb about Jones. Lamb decides to put Savino in protective custody. In the meantime, the mayoral race is neck and neck and the mayor is worried how the whole thing will affect the election.

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