lfric and Caris are married, though their marriage is far from a happy one. While she tries to be a dutiful wife, Caris does not love him. She even tries to get work for her husband's apprentice Merthin. When Elfric hears of it he beats her and when Merthin intervenes, both he and Caris are thrown out on the street. It's time for the annual spring festival in Knightsbridge and many people are in the village. Gwenda the Saxon resists her father's sexual advances and soon finds herself sold to local farmer in exchange for a cow. Sir Roland is to be married and his squire, Ralph, finds that several women are attracted to him. During festival celebrations, Caris is aghast that her close friend Mattie Wise is to be executed for being a witch. Tragedy ensues when the bridge collapses killing many people. It also gives Petranilla an opportunity to take steps to advance her son's career. In London, King Edward III takes control from his mother.

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