rior Godwin inflicts his strict religious views on the locals. He decides he wants a house of his own but it puts him into conflict with Mother Cecelia who decides to go ahead with Caris' proposal to build a hospice. He plots to take over the lands in question and then has Merthin dismissed as the bridge builder - and is prepared to do anything to win. When he accuses Caris of witchcraft, Mother Cecelia can think of only one way to save her. Merthin confronts his brother Ralph when soldiers begin taking wool without compensating the local merchants. Ralph is taking everything and anything he wants and soon finds himself in prison accused of rape. The King musters his army to do battle with France but the wars goes on longer than expected. The king needs more men and empties the prisons to replenish his army - something that comes in the nick of time as far as Ralph is concerned.

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