hilst deep sea diving in search of his father, feared drowned, young Jason travels through a white light and ends up in the ancient city of Atlantis. Pursued by soldiers he is rescued by budding mathematician Pythagoras, who shares a house with the former hero Hercules, now an over-weight drunk. Pythagoras is selected by lottery as one of seven young people to be sacrificed to the monster the Minotaur, in the labyrinthine caverns outside the city, to ensure Atlantis's future safety. Jason opts to take his place but is joined by Pythagoras and Hercules after an unsuccessful attempt to rescue him. Fortunately Ariadne, the king's daughter, has given Jason a thread so that, after killing the Minotaur, he and his friends find their way out of the caves. Jason is declared a hero. However the Oracle, who has told Jason that he was born in Atlantis and taken away by his father when small, foretells that his return is fortuitous in order to save the city but he will be faced with even more enemies in the future.

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