ob is alive and being viciously tortured. His sadistic jailer, Hightower, uses many different forms of torture to interrogate, humiliate, and dehumanize Job. Though Hood had given up on finding Job, Carrie never did. With the help from Hoods old friend Fat Au, Carrie finds Leo Fitzpatrick, the tech specialist who kidnapped Job. The friends pull out all stops to get Job back. Kurt and Maggie Bunker continue their relationship from the time when he was recovering from third degree burns on his chest. She hates the kind of men that her father and husband are. She is hoping that Kurt can take her away from that ... by killing her husband Calvin Bunker. Jennifer, a young woman living on the streets, comes in to the orbit of Proctor. Still feeling the pain from Rebecca's death, he takes her in. He gives food, shelter, clothes, and a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Jennifer takes advantage of his generosity by robbing him and running away. Rebecca stole medicine and instruments from the hospital to treat the wounds Hood received when he saved her from the violent and deadly events at the Boedecker's methamphetamine laboratory. With evidence that one, Hood's blood was in Rebecca's car, two, her car was last seen in the vicinity of the cabin where Hood was residing, three, Hood's statement that he hadn't seen anyone in 18 months, and four that she was pregnant with his child, Sheriff Lotus arrest Hoods.

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