he coroner's inquest into the school bus incident where Aidan shot the perpetrator Dominik Laszlo dead, Laszlo's knife in the process which in turn killed student Jason Beckmire, is approaching, the inquest despite Aidan having been previously absolved of any wrongdoing in the incident. Aidan's cavalier attitude toward the inquest, including refusing to have any meaningful dialogue with his police association appointed lawyer Juvina Kapoor, is his way of trying to put the incident behind him emotionally. Kapoor is worried because the crown attorney, Marcela Houseman, seems to be using tactics of an ambush against Aidan, despite Aidan not being on trial. Those tactics include providing a revised and unusual witness list at the last moment. Kapoor is correct in her assumption as Houseman proceeds to try and discredit Aidan, which if she succeeds may mean his career. Through the process, the relationship between Aidan and Daniella as well their relationship with others in their professional life may be forever altered. Meanwhile, Poppy is concerned about her police officer father, who has become increasingly confused of late, which Leo implies may be the onset of Alzheimer's. While she tries to figure out what is going on with her father, which she does against his wishes, she struggles with trying to protect him and his career against the possible danger to the public if he continues to work as a cop.

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