he police are alerted to the murder of college professor Oscar Wallace after his nine year old daughter Olivia Wallace is spotted in a near comatose state in her pajamas hiding under a bench in the subway station. Oscar is found in the Wallace home with both his arms snapped, presumably done pre-mortem to inflict as much pain as possible. At the time of the murder, Oscar's wife and Olivia's mother, Esme Belk-Wallace, a high profile global human rights lawyer, was away on an extended business trip to Africa, she who returned the day Oscar is found. With Oscar and Esme's respective busy schedules, Esme's brother, Elliott Belk, who recently reentered their lives, often acted as Olivia's caregiver. Esme believes the murder was because of her work, as she and the family have received many death threats over the years because of it. But when Psych Crimes and Crises discovers that Oscar had hired a private detective, they believe that Esme's personal life as opposed to her professional life resulted in Oscar's death, and that she isn't disclosing everything she knows about the murder. They have to find out the exact nature of the P.I.'s work to support their theory. But as they get closer to discovering the identity of the killer and the motive, they may all be in danger. This case marks the first time since the inquest that Aidan may again trust Daniella, which she in return may need more than ever.

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