sych Crimes and Crises is sent to the De Soto home, where single father, bipolar lawyer Mike De Soto, is outside wielding a collection of weapons. On a manic and seemingly psychotic rampage, he believes that someone is out to kill him and his teen-aged son, Nick. Mike's shirt is blood soaked, and Nick is eventually found inside unconscious from an apparent fall down the stairs. Nick is otherwise unharmed meaning that they have to find the probable dead body associated with that blood. They eventually do find the body, that of college student Sophie Ann Wells, a girl with a troubled past but who was turning her life around. Her wounds are consistent with the range of weapons Mike was wielding, but her body was placed in such a way showing that her killer had affection for her. The unit has to discover Mike's connection to Sophie to determine if he or someone else killed her. It is made all the more difficult as Mike is unable to provide any information until he comes down from his extreme manic state. Through this case, Daniella discovers where she is on the career spectrum between her psychiatrist past and police officer future.

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