idan and Daniella are called to investigate the case of a delusional homeless man named Jeremy who believes he was attacked by a werewolf. At the scene, they come across another man, who they believe is Jeremy's attacker, violently beating on a car with a crowbar, with a dead man next to the car and a scared young woman inside. But whatever emotional issue Aidan is facing makes him lose focus for a few seconds, leading to the attacker being able to escape. Because of Aidan's lapse at the scene, Caligra brings in Liz, Aidan's old girlfriend who he still loves, to work on the case, which may be an issue mostly for Aidan. The young woman in the car is realtor Erin Laswell, whose boss was the dead man next to the car. Although she didn't know the man attacking her car, a later incident at her house leads to Aidan and Daniella believing there must be some connection between the two. They have to find the attacker to find out what that connection is. Meanwhile, Erin pursues Aidan romantically. He is attracted to her in return, and finds it difficult to resist her romantic pursuit, especially in his emotional state, despite he knowing that it is not the best idea from a professional perspective. But further evidence Daniella uncovers could lead to the case taking on a whole new dimension.

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