sychiatrist Dr. Karl Karzik is seriously injured when he is involved in a hit and run. He, who survives, believes it was no accident as he was scheduled to speak at a hearing involving his client, Mandar Kush, who was deemed not mentally fit to stand trial into the brutal murder eleven years earlier of Peter Fong, but he who admitted to the killing. Dr. Karzik had received a death threat not to appear at the hearing, especially if that hearing resulted in Kush being released. Daniella, who knows of the case but not Kush himself, volunteers to take over that psychiatric assessment of Kush for the hearing which is to determine if Kush is indeed now mentally well and if he can be released if the murder was due to his mental illness. Many of her colleagues want to see Kush remain in custody, as they believe Kush is playing the system. They however still need to find who tried to kill Dr. Karzik, that perpetrator with who they can sympathize. The leading suspects seem to be: Sal Lenza, the arresting officer; Roman Fong, Peter Fong's brother; Arun Kush, Mandar Kush's son who doesn't want his father to "come home"; and Joseph Podolski, a vigilante crusader. Through this case, Aidan has to deal with his emotions due to his most recent sexual encounter with Liz.

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