sych Crimes and Crises is brought in to investigate a seemingly schizophrenic homeless teenager who has with him who he has mentioned was an abandoned baby girl. He, who is covered in blood due to fighting injuries, will not give her up and he is wielding a makeshift razor-type weapon to ensure no one takes the baby away from him. Aidan and Daniella want to provide some medical attention to the boy both for his physical and mental issues, while securing the baby and returning her to her family, where ever they may be. Upon closer inspection, the boy is not schizophrenic, but has Tourette Syndrome, which he appears not to know or therefore understand. Aidan and Daniella have to make him understand the nature of Tourette's, which hopefully will ease his mind about giving up the baby. In the team's investigation of finding the family, they are led to a fifteen year old cold case. The mother contacts them via telephone, her nature which Daniella diagnoses as post-partum psychosis, which means she could harm both herself and the baby in her current state. They too have to convince her that medical treatment could help her over her current issues, as she has threatened to abscond with the baby. This case touches both Aidan and Daniella personally, but in different ways.

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