idan still isn't sleeping, which may be affecting his reasoning. He and Daniella are called to the ice rink to deal with Terry Dwyer, an ex-NHL-er whose hockey career ended because of his violent tendencies, which have just resurfaced during a pick-up game where he violently beat an opposing player. Terry is in slight denial about his problem despite he realizing it is negatively affecting his life, especially his marriage. That's why Aidan and Daniella aren't happy when they later learn that he is working as a snitch for Organized Crime Detective Rachel Fenton in return for making a stolen property charge go away. Specifically, Terry is working as an enforcer for low level but rising organized crime boss Joe Lucas, who is Fenton's target. Aidan and Daniella are unsure if Terry is emotionally equipped to handle the dichotomy between his generally humane nature against the intentional violence associated with his work with Joe. If he's not equipped to handle it, it could lead to tragic consequences for Terry and those around him. Meanwhile, Caligra and Liette ask Leo, whose job is already negatively affecting his marriage, to do something against his personal nature: go undercover as a prisoner to see if another prisoner who possibly committed a murder is faking his psychiatric problems.

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