sych Crimes and Crises is sent to investigate a crazed gun-wielding woman. It turns out that woman is Beth Croxton, a police officer, who is mourning the just occurred suicide death of her teen-aged daughter, Lindsay Croxton. Once Aidan and Daniella are able to disarm Beth and get Beth to let Lindsay go, they focus their investigation on Lindsay's suicide, she a young woman who they find was being bullied. Aidan and Daniella find a suicide video shot by Lindsay with some coded messages, which they try to decipher. After having had trouble fitting into her new school, Lindsay got the lead in the school's play. But a wardrobe malfunction on stage led to that bullying going on-line and viral via a video of that wardrobe malfunction. Psych Crimes' main focus is finding out who posted the initial video on-line, they believe it being done and actually orchestrated by Jessica O'Donnell, who they learn controls much of what happens amongst her classmates. Aidan believes Jessica is or will become psychopathic as she becomes an adult. But as Psych Crimes digs deeper, they learn the extent of bullying in general amongst the high school set, and the veil of secrecy that belies it all in an effort to fit in.

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