he team heads to Kensington Market where a grocery store owner, Idaris John, is slashed several times, he being a beloved figure in the neighborhood. The wounds end up being non-life threatening. Psych Crimes and Crises is involved because Idaris suffers from a rare neurological condition called, in layman terms, face blindness, where he cannot recognize faces, and as such he will not be able to identify his attacker. Upon further discussion with Idaris' doctor, Dr. Paul Bruckman, they learn that Idaris is also in the early stages of Alzheimer's despite being only in his early forties. Despite no accurate eyewitness accounts beyond the attacker yelling "I know you" - leading to Aidan believing the attack was personally motivated - and being a black man, the team is able to quickly identify the attacker as Benjamin Omari, a refugee from the Congo. In checking his refugee file, they find a photograph of Benjamin as a young teen in the Congo with a man looking like Idaris, but who is identified in the photograph as Melugo, who is wanted in the Congo for war crimes. They have to find out if Idaris and Melugo are one and the same which if so means that this attack was probably not a victimless crime. They also would have to find out how Idaris has been able to masquerade for four years as having this neurological condition under doctor care, the condition which would prevent him from being deported back to the Congo. Meanwhile, Aidan finds that he of late has needed his group PTSD therapy sessions, which may come in handy as well for others entering his life.

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