n the eve of the first anniversary of the school bus shooting, Aidan is not coping very well, which affects both his personal and professional life. The next case he and the team work on is the death of a twenty year old First Nations waitress named Ellen Owens. She was tortured and stabbed to death. Homicide and Caligra are certain that the seemingly crazy John Doe aboriginal man who carried her out of the woods is her killer, Caligra who wants to tie him to all the other recent female aboriginal deaths of late. The suspect only mumbles gibberish, but first Clara, then Aidan, then Leo, who all go to speak to him individually, can feel that he has a certain spiritual nature about him, and not that of a cold blooded killer. Circumstantial evidence they find, including why the suspect only speaks gibberish, seems to lead to the suspect not being the killer, but actually someone who tried to help Ellen. Aidan has a theory which the team follows. But Kaya Grey, Ellen's colleague at the truck stop diner where she worked, may know more about what's going on that she lets on, she who seems to have her own agenda in helping her "friends".

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