sych Crimes and Crises investigates the murder of mental health nurse Maya Henson who died from trauma to back of her head, the murder weapon deemed to be half sharp/half blunt. She was found by a morning jogger in a wooded area next to a residential subdivision characterized by cul-de-sacs. Although she dealt with potentially violent patients, she was found nowhere near any of her patient's homes, leading Aidan to believe that she was meeting someone of a personal nature in the neighborhood, perhaps a lover. All this news does not sit well with Leo, who knew Maya and Maya's husband, Brandon Doerkes, on a personal level for a long time. The information that officers and the team are able to get from canvassing the neighborhood leads Aidan to one homeowner, Timothy Lawton, just on a feeling and a hunch. They are able to find a connection between Maya and Lawton, who they also learn has a mental health history. But it's Lawton's relationship with a young woman named Isabelle Saunders and what Lawton has hidden in his basement which may provide the most insight. This case makes Leo look critically about his past relationship with Maya and Brandon, and it makes Poppy deal with her officer father's increasing dementia, which she has tried to dismiss as he only has eight months until retirement.

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